Beauty snatches – February

So after a few weeks of no make-up news, I have got some new beauties in. In this post I give an update on a few of the products and my thoughts after using them over a few weeks.

Without a further ado, let’s get cracking.

  1. Too Faced – Hangover Primer

Oh boy, have I been wanting to get my hands onto this one for so long. I don’t know why I hadn’t bought it earlier, I think it may have been a combination of the slightly higher price (£27) and that Too Faced isn’t wildly available everywhere in the UK. What the product is supposed to do, can be found on the Too Faced website. My impressions of the product have been quite pleasant. It definitely soothes the skin and gives it a glow, it settles quite quickly and the smell is really, really nice. Plus, it is friendly with my foundations as well (I am using the new L’Oreal Full coverage and sometimes Urban Decay’s Naked foundation).


Image: Google

2. MAC Retro Matte liquid lipstick – So Me

Apparently the old formula for these was a disaster. I cannot comment on that as I hadn’t the chance to try those out, however, when these ‘relaunched’ recently, I was drawn immediately. The shades are exactly my cup of tea – matt and A LOT of nudes. The retail price is £17.50, which isn’t extortionate for a liquid lip. It applies very easily and is very, very long-lasting. I do appreciate the latter as nobody wants to be caking on a liquid lip as they can start feeling heavy or God forbid, crumble and get patchy. One thing to keep in mind – do always swatch before you buy, they are a bit deceiving in the container. Like the shade below in the picture looks quite light, peachy even, but actually on my lips it is grey with a brown undertone.

MAC Retro Matt Liquid Lip – SO ME

3. Jouer Powder Highlighter – Topaz

After losing my Jeffree Star highlighter in battle between me and my clumsiness it was time to get a new one. I was thinking about getting the same JS back in, but then my mind went back to a time when I had Citrine (a member of the Jouer family), who I also broke. I have been tremendously unlucky with my highlighters.. But I switched it up a bit and got the shade ‘Topaz’. They are my favourite highlighters ever – very pigmented and there is NO fallout, which always indicates a good product. Speaking of highlighters I am on the fence about getting the Anastasia Beverley Hills x Nicole Guerrero highlight palette, so there could be a review on that in the near future..

Jouer Powder Highlighter – Topaz

I’ve had a few more purchases recently, but want to use them for a bit longer to develop a verdict on them. And I didn’t want to do a really long post – keep it short and sweet.






Kylie Cosmetics – KOKO Collection Review

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So the moment has finally come for me to write my first proper post. And, of course, I am diving head first with a controversial brand – Kylie Jenner’s extremely famous brand.

Undoubtely the products have cause a stir – either people hate them, or go absolutely bat shit crazy. You can read about her latest pop-up store and the crowds here

Until now I hadn’t been fazed about getting her stuff as you have to ship them from the USA to the UK and it costs a lot. So going against my own principle I found myself on her website looking at products and also obsessing (a little) over her Valentine’s collection.

Long story short – I ordered the KOKO Collection + the Burgundy palette + the Valentine’s lip kit. I’m gonna give a quick review and impressions after wearing all the colours on me for a few weeks now. This post will only be about the liquid lips as I think the eyeshadows could have their own moment in a another post.

First things first what attracted me was the packaging. I love everything that is golden, mettalic, sparkly and looks luxurious. Without a further ado, let them speak for themselves.

From L to R – OKURR, KHLO$, DAMN GINA (gloss), GORG

Little detail to add as well, I was really impressed with the shipping length. It said for international deliveries it could take around 10-15 business (!) days, but I could already play around with them 10 days (including weekends) after shipment. So brownie points for that.

A quick desciption on the shades (swatches below):

  • OKURR – is a bright BRIGHT almost neon raspberry mix with strawberry. Definitely more on the pink side.
  • KHLO$ – a beautiful dark nude (whatver is interpreted with that) with brownish undertones
  • DAMN GINA – champagne colour gloss with golden and pink sparkles in them
  • GORG – a deep vampy burgundy
From L to R – OKURR, GORG and KHLO$. (Hi eyeshadow in the back)
DAMN GINA lip gloss. My hands are very red in real life, so it could change the tone of the gloss.

I must say I have been very impressed with the liquid lips so far. They apply really easily and I really like the wands. It is quite small and very firm, but ensures precise application. In comparison to other liquid lips that I use (e.g. Jeffree Star), this is much easier to manage. The darker shades, as with most brands, seem a bit trickier and more work to get even. OKURR and GORG require just a little more attention than GORG. And let me just make a little moment for GORG – it is one of the best nudes I have ever had and now is my go-to everyday office lipstick. It stays and doesn’t move around, it doesn’t stain your lips and doesn’t start crumbling at the end of the day.

Wands of Kylie’s lip kits. Credit: Yahoo!

All of the shades feel very light on the lips, but if you do apply a second coat (especially with the darker ones) then it does get a bit heavy and you can ‘feel it’. OKURR, for example, at the end of the day starts going in clumps which can be a little annoying, but I just wiped it off and re-applied. NOTE: IT STAINS YOUR LIPS LIKE A BITCH. Even after using a lip scrub, it still made my lips particularly bright, but, hey it’s what you sign up for when wearing neony lipsticks. And fair play – it proves it is longlasting. Big time.

The consistency of the lipsticks depending on shade varies. Once again the brighter shades are a bit more liquidy than the nude. And I mean veerry liquidy. It didn’t bother me, but might be important to some other consumers. Little side note- they have a particular smell, like vanillary, some others say it smells like liquorice. Once on your lips it loses the smell though, so it is the best of both worlds.

The retail price for this package was $40 which is around £32. For people in the UK remember you would also have to pay customs charges. The package, unfortunately, cannot be purchased anymore as it was limited edition, but I got it quite late so still wanted to feature it. It could be helpful when making a decision whether to buy any other lip kits.

Was it worth it? I think yes, apart from small cons like it being a little streaky, it is still workable and manageable. The shades are exactly to my taste, so I am happy I took the plunge.

In other related news, Kylie posted on her Instagram that she will be releasing a range of highlighters on 28/2/2017 so maybe if my bank account allows it I might purchase a few as I need to add some to my collection. Stay tuned!

p.s. I took the pictures with my humble iPhone 7 as I don’t have any professional uber cool cameras, nor any photographic skills. I gave it my best and am still learning.



An introduction

Welcome fellow make-up junkies. Somehow through the magical ways of the internet you have found my little venture into the blogging world. Indeed this is my first own page where I put words into the digital world, so I don’t know what to expect from it. What I can do is tell you the aim of being yet another beauty blogger, which is – I want to put my creativity to the test. I’d like to see how this blog goes, whether anyone reads it – if they found it useful, great, if they criticise it, even better. The essence of the story is, I love make-up and writing, which is how this idea came about.

Content wise I am looking to write reviews, first impressions and beauty news. I am a fan of all ranges of make-up, skincare and haircare starting from drugstore to more high-end brands.

I am not a make-up artist, nor am I sponsored, just an average gal doing what she loves.

The name of blog reflects what is attempted in this blog – gossip about beauty releases and add a bit of sparkle to it. file-page1